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Cooperation between Lufthansa Aviation Training and DRF Luftrettung

  • Investment in first helicopter simulator for the training fleet of Lufthansa Aviation Training
  • Training cooperation between DRF Luftrettung in the training and further education of pilots
  • Expansion of cooperation in the area of Human Factors Training

Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT) and DRF Luftrettung are planning to intensify their cooperation in the near future. LAT has been conducting Human Factors Training (HFT) for the DRF Luftrettung since autumn 2018. From 2020, both companies aim at utilizing synergies in pilot education and further training.

With the investment in a first helicopter full flight simulator of the type H 135/H 145 Level D, Lufthansa Aviation Training is expanding its own training fleet of currently 53 full-flight simulators by adding a further modern training device with an interchangeable cockpit that can map the specifics of both helicopter models. In 2020, the helicopter simulator will be put into operation at LAT’s largest training center in Frankfurt and will be available for trainings by DRF Luftrettung Academy from that date. LAT and DRF Luftrettung also offer training courses for external customers who can benefit from the experience of both companies. DRF Luftrettung provides the flight instructors required for each training course. With over 50 years of flight experience and being certified as an “Approved Training Organisation”, DRF Luftrettung has extensive expertise in the field of pilot training.

“With the acquisition of our first own helicopter simulator, we are taking another important step towards becoming a complete aviation training provider. We are established in the field of pilot training and are very much looking forward to the new challenge of opening up new markets with helicopter training”, says Ola Hansson, Managing Director of Lufthansa Aviation Training.

DRF Luftrettung owns more than 50 helicopters, which were alerted for more than 40,000 missions in 2018. Across Europe, it ranks as the night flight expert among the civil operators with the most helicopter flight hours in darkness. In the course of a fleet modernization, DRF Luftrettung started operations in 2015 as Launch Customer Helicopter of the latest generation H 145, followed by the model H 135 in 2018. Both helicopter models are very well suited for night operations due to their equipment. The training possibility on the new helicopter simulator of LAT is important for the pilots flying for DRF Luftrettung against the background of the increasing importance of air rescue missions at night, in order to familiarize themselves with the flight characteristics of the helicopters and to train flight maneuvers.

"DRF Luftrettung and Lufthansa Aviation Training stand for high quality in their respective areas. In cooperation with LAT we are able to train our pilots on the highest technical level. In addition to the central accessibility of the training offer, also for international customers, this cooperation also represents an excellent extension of the portfolio of our DRF Luftrettung Academy", says Dr. Peter Huber, COO of DRF Luftrettung.

In addition to cooperation in the area of simulator training, LAT and DRF Luftrettung also cooperate in the area of Human Factors Training. The quality of interpersonal communication and patient care is particularly important in the rescue service. Since autumn 2018, LAT has been conducting Human Factors Training for the DRF Luftrettung. However, both are planning to expand their training portfolio in this area by jointly developing trainings, which are specially tailored to emergency rescue. External partners such as employees of control centers or the ground rescue service can also be trained in a targeted manner by the DRF Luftrettung Academy.

As part of this cooperation, LAT is consistently expanding its training business outside the airline industry, while DRF Luftrettung is setting new standards in the training and further education of helicopter crews and the entire rescue chain with the Human Fac-tors Training developed jointly with LAT. Through their joint activities, both companies aim to play a pioneering role in the training sector for air traffic, rescue and medicine. At this year's HAI HELI-EXPO from 4 to 7 March 2019 in Atlanta, USA, LAT and DRF Luftrettung Academy will be represented with a booth.  

About Lufthansa Aviation Training

Lufthansa Aviation Training bundles all Lufthansa Group flight schools in Germany, Switzer-land and the USA under the European Flight Academy brand. Graduates meet the high standards of the airlines of the Lufthansa Group and receive exclusive access to their inter-nal job market. This guarantees the best chances of employment and extensive career op-tions as a commercial aircraft pilot for the Lufthansa Group.

Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH, formed at the beginning of 2017 from Lufthansa Flight Training and Swiss Aviation Training, is one of the leading companies in the field of flight training with its competence in the training and further education of cockpit and cabin per-sonnel at twelve training locations. Lufthansa Aviation Training's customer portfolio includes over 200 nationally and internationally renowned airlines and the Lufthansa Group airlines. The company is based in Hallbergmoos near Munich and employs a total of around 1,000 people.

Further information on Lufthansa Aviation Training can be found at and on the European Flight Academy at

About DRF Luftrettung

DRF Luftrettung uses helicopters at 29 air rescue stations in Germany and at two stations in Austria for emergency rescue and for the transport of intensive care patients between clinics, at ten locations in 24-hour operation. It is also involved in the AP³ Luftrettung network at another station in Liechtenstein. DRF Luftrettung is the night flight expert in Europe with the highest number of flight hours in darkness. In addition, DRF Luftrettung carries out world-wide patient retrievals with its own ambulance aircraft. Every year, the red and white air rescuers, which currently include 570 emergency doctors, 170 pilots and 120 HEMS-TCs, take off on more than 40,000 missions. More information can be found at and

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