The Next Level
of Aviation Training.

Lufthansa Aviation Training is one of the leading flight training providers active in the European market.

The Next Level
of Aviation Training.

Lufthansa Aviation Training.
Formed by the merger of:

The Next Level
of Aviation Training.

Lufthansa Aviation Training.
Coming soon.

Lufthansa Aviation Training.

Coming soon.

In early 2017, Lufthansa Aviation Training is launching as a powerful end-to-end training provider in the European market. Lufthansa Aviation Training will gradually bring the two former companies Lufthansa Flight Training and Swiss AviationTraining together into one company. Our headquarters are located in Munich.

The Take-Off.

What You Can Expect From Us

Our goal is that in the future, we will be able to react with even more flexibility to the market’s growing needs. We want to offer our clients customized, innovative training solutions that stand out thanks to their process-oriented approach and high quality.

Our Foundation

With a client base of over 200 airlines, 12 locations, and one of the world’s largest simulator fleets, Lufthansa Aviation Training will be one of the leading flight training providers right from the beginning.

During the Transition Period.

All services will be provided by both Lufthansa Flight Training and Swiss AviationTraining until the two companies have completely merged. You can continue to get in touch with your usual contact person to book training courses.

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Shape the Future with Us.

Apply Now.

We want Lufthansa Aviation Training to be the European market leader – and to achieve this, we need your help. We are looking for employees in nearly every department who are ready and willing to play a key role in shaping the development of a new, innovative aviation company. From maintenance to marketing and from service to sales. Here you will find all of the positions we are currently looking to fill.
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Our Locations:

Extremely Close to Airline Operations.

With a total of 12 training centers in Europe and North America, we offer one of the largest and densest networks of locations in the worldwide flight training market. All of our facilities are in central locations and easily accessible. For you, that means a high level of flexibility when planning training for your crews and employees. You want even more flexibility? No problem – if you want, we’ll even carry out the training at your company or at a location of your choice. Because to us, this is part of what the phrase “customized training solutions” means.

  • Germany
    • Munich
    • Berlin
    • Bremen
    • Cologne
    • Essen
    • Frankfurt am Main
    • Rostock-Laage
  • Austria
    • Vienna
  • Switzerland
    • Grenchen
    • Zurich
  • USA
    • Phoenix, AZ
    • Vero Beach, FL

Our Mission.

Pan-European Aviation Training.

We are a dynamic, Pan-European aviation training hub that responds to, innovates for, and balances the complex array of changing customer needs.

Ready to Fly.

We understand airline operations inside and out and provide airlines with the right people who possess the right skills in the right place and always at the right time: full-service, prompt, successful, and safe.

Customized to Fit.

Our experts design and integrate client-customized full-training solutions that ensure quality, agility, and safety.

As Wide as the World.

We offer our customers the broadest, most complete range of modern, smart training services, both inside and outside the Lufthansa world.