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Fascination of Flying: The European Flight Academy's new image film

The European Flight Academy’s new, five minute-long image film “Facination of flying” brings the vocational pilot training closer to those interested and as of now, is available here: The film, using the hashtag “YourFlyingFuture”, is a central element of the new marketing campaign for flight schools of Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT).

Every year, the fascination for flying makes hundreds to decide to turn their passion into a profession and become a pilot. The new European Flight Academy’s (EFA) image film refers to this motivation, unveils the desire of future pilots and presents the exiting moments of the vocational training in the cockpit of the training aircraft.   Under the hashtag #YourFlyingFuture, five short clips about the pilot training have been published as a teaser via the social media channels of be-Lufthansa and the European Flight Academy since December 2017. The new image film has been shot last October 2017 at both flight schools in Bremen and Grenchen (Switzerland). The film crew has explored the hangars, the campus, the training aircraft as well as the “Flight Navigation Procedure Training Devices”. Especially the elaborate air-to-air shots from a round flight in the Alps are particularly impressive and have been specifically produced for the new image film.   The Swiss moving image agency Lauschsicht is responsible for the creative realization of the image film.


About Lufthansa Aviation Training Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH, which was formed by Lufthansa Flight Training and Swiss Aviation Training at the beginning of 2017, belongs to the leading companies in Europe for apprenticeship and in-service flight training for aviation cockpit and cabin crew staff serving twelve training locations in total. Under the brand name European Flight Academy (EFA), Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT) is pooling all flight schools in Germany, Switzerland and the U.S. at the highest level of quality. Lufthansa Aviation Training’s customer portfolio includes over 200 renowned national and international airlines as well as Lufthansa’s group company airlines. Lufthansa Aviation Training is located in Munich and has a workforce of about 1,000 employees.   More information about Lufthansa Aviation Training is available online via, for details about the European Flight Academy, please visit  

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