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New training equipment and technologies: LAT invests in the future

  • Lufthansa Aviation Training invests millions in Safety & Service Training
  • 777-9-CEET to be delivered to LAT in the first quarter of 2020
  • Virtual training for flight attendants off to a good start

Lufthansa Aviation Training is investing widely in new training equipment and further education of cabin crews this year. This includes the purchase of a new Boeing 777-9 cabin emergency evacuation trainer (CEET). The company is thus meeting the new training requirements that will arise from the incorporation of the Boeing 777-9 into Lufthansa Airline from 2020.

The 777-9 cabin trainer is currently still in production. The manufacturer is the Dubai-based company Spatial. Delivery to LAT's Frankfurt location is scheduled for the beginning of 2020, where the CEET will be ready for training from spring 2020. After the complete fleet expansions of the 777-9, LAT trains around 7,000 Lufthansa flight attendants annually in all safety and emergency procedures (SEPs) on the aircraft type – including fire and smoke training, door and escape operations as well as safe cockpit procedures and emergency equipment. To ensure that there is sufficient space for the new CEET, work is already underway in Frankfurt's emergency hall to optimize the space available for the training equipment.

From fire fighting to virtual reality: cockpit and cabin personnel trained at LAT with state-of-the-art technology

The Munich location is also getting more equipment. Among other things, an A350 Cockpit Emergency Exit Hatch will be purchased. This will enable pilots to practice evacuation from the cockpit. In future, evacuations can also be trained in Schwaig via a generic self-help over wing exit, which is used in the 737NG or the new A321neo, for example. This allows optimizing the training on the existing CEETs in Munich and using them more efficiently.

In Zurich, a new real fire-fighting trainer for the local training center has been delivered recently. The model from the Dutch company Flame Aviation has already proven its worth at other training locations, such as Vienna and Frankfurt. The real fire-fighting trainer, consisting of two modules, corresponds to the volume of two 30-foot sea freight containers and has a total weight of 7.5 tons. The modules were delivered by a low-bed trailer.

Virtual Reality Training represents a particularly innovative and significant investment in the area of Safety & Service Training: In April, LAT opened its first two VR hubs in Frankfurt and Munich, each with nine VR cabins measuring approx. 3.00 x 3.00 meters. Now every year, around 18,500 Lufthansa flight attendants will train parts of their safety-related training required by the authorities virtually. An expansion of the VR training in other areas is considered in the future. In addition, LAT plans to open further VR hubs at other LAT locations as well.

But it is not only new acquisitions that fall under the investments in LAT's Safety & Service Training division: In recent weeks, for example, the aircraft seats of all booking classes in the service mock ups at the Frankfurt and Munich locations have been exchanged. In Frankfurt, the A340 galleys were also newly installed. This makes the service training even more authentic, as it reflects the current equipment of the Lufthansa fleet. In addition, the hands-on rooms in Frankfurt are currently being modernized in order to optimize processes there.

LAT Safety & Service Training's customers now have access to more than 50 emergency training devices (CEETs, door trainers, slide towers, real fire fighting trainers, etc.) and more than 10 service training devices of various aircraft types for training purposes at seven locations. Safety & Service Training is one of the core processes of Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH, along with Pilot School and Pilot Training. Its tasks include the design and implementation of EASA-compliant safety training courses and service and product training courses geared to the customer and his branding. The focus is on the training and further education of cockpit and cabin staff of Lufthansa Group Airlines and external airline customers. Training from the Safety, Emergency, Human Factors/CRM and Service & Culture segments is also offered to customers from non-airline-specific areas. 

About Lufthansa Aviation Training

Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH (LAT) is one of the world's leading companies in the field of flight training with its competence in the training and further education of cockpit and cabin personnel at twelve training locations worldwide. The company´s Headquarter in Hallbergmoos near Munich employs around 1,000 people. The customer portfolio includes over 200 nationally and internationally renowned airlines, including the Lufthansa Group airlines. Lufthansa Aviation Training has almost 200 training devices at its disposal. These include training aircraft for pilot training, flight simulators of all common aircraft types for pilot training and emergency and service mock-ups for the training of flight attendants.

Under the European Flight Academy (EFA) brand, Lufthansa Aviation Training bundles all Lufthansa Group flight schools in Germany, Switzerland and the USA. Graduates meet the high standards of the Lufthansa Group's airlines and have exclusive access to their internal job market.

Further information on Lufthansa Aviation Training and the European Flight Academy is available at and

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