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Emergency and First Aid Training

Prepared for Any Emergency

In the event of an emergency, everyone on board needs to know exactly what to do. This is when the safety of your passengers and the reputation of your airline depend on the professional conduct of your cabin crew. Our training programs prepare your crews for every situation imaginable and help them take decisive action as well as accurately carry out standardized emergency procedures.

Train properly. Act properly.
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Your benefit:

The entire program

Our portfolio of training programs in this area range from an Initial Course, Aircraft Type Specifics, and Operator Conversion and Senior Cabin Crew courses to courses designed for specific customer needs. In addition to our practical training courses, we also offer a wide variety of training films, in which we cover both general topics as well as topics specific to individual aircraft types. It goes without saying that you can also carry out the training courses with your own instructors.

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Everything for your safety


We systematically draw on our decades of training experience for the safety and success of your airline.

Personalized focus

When carrying out our training programs, our focus is on your airline’s specific requirements. This is why we tailor our training content to your processes and procedures – while taking all official regulations into account.


We only train your employees using experienced instructors. With their profound knowledge from airline operations, they prepare your cockpit and cabin crews for critical situations in the best possible way.


State-of-the-art training devices provide for reliability at all of our locations and ensure that training sessions take place under realistic conditions.


Excellent conditions in training centers as well as a modular training concept create the foundation for efficient training and successful airline operations.

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Our locations:

Where we carry out our training programs

We offer the different Basic Cabin Training modules at our training locations in Berlin, Essen, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, and Zurich. All of our facilities are in central locations and easily accessible.

The locations at a glance
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Our simulators:

Training in a realistic environment

Simulator training is a key component of our Emergency and First Aid Training courses. Our state-of-the-art training devices guarantee a high level of efficiency and practical relevance and create the foundation for an ideal training outcome.

Emergency training devices
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