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Service Training

Customer Satisfaction is the Primary Goal

The first interaction between a passenger and a flight attendant can determine whether or not a customer feels comfortable during a flight. As such, your cabin crew plays an extremely role. Their conduct shapes customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. This means the service provided in the cabin has a direct effect on your airline’s financial success.

In order to ensure that cabin staff has the skills to meet this demanding challenge, we offer methodologically and professionally challenging training courses.

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Your benefit:

Decades of real-world experience

When designing and carrying out training courses, we draw on active flight attendants’ and senior cabin crew members’ decades of experience as well as well-trained instructors. The variety of different training methods used in our courses ranges from classic classroom instruction to practical exercises in dummies to instructional films, e-learning, virtual reality, and interactive mobile content. We are happy to incorporate your individual needs when it comes to service training into our courses and offer you a customized training program.

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Comprehensive Service Training

When completing a service training course, your flying cabin staff evolve into customer-oriented service providers. Whether for duties in the air or on the ground – we focus on all aspects of service and put the finishing touches on your cabin crew. We training courses are also suitable for those returning to their job after time off or for introducing employees to a different aircraft type.

First Class Service – Vocational and Advanced Training

Our training courses for the premium segment focus on developing and enhancing employees’ professional skills and expertise in specific roles. We increase the participants’ awareness of premium customers’ importance and expectations and then use this as the basis for the demands their service must meet.

Advanced Training for Senior Cabin Crew Member

This training program equips prospective managers in the cabin with the skills needed to assume a leadership role on board. The concept focuses on all aspects of their situational leadership role, the associated communication, as well as team management tools.

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Our simulators:

Training in a realistic environment

Simulator training is a key component of our service training courses. Our state-of-the-art training devices guarantee a high level of efficiency and practical relevance and create the foundation for an ideal training outcome.

Our service training devices
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Our locations:

Service is a top priority here

We offer Service Training tailored to your specific needs at our training locations in Berlin, Essen, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, and Zurich. All of our facilities are in central locations and easily accessible.

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