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Human Factors Training

Prepare For the Unexpected

Your flight operations’ safety lies in the hands of your crew. Situational awareness, analytical thinking, and rapid reaction times are the basic prerequisites for mastering complex decision-making situations and increase your airline’s flight safety. Our Human Factors Training prepares your crews for everything that can occur during a flight and teaches them suitable strategies of action for every practical requirement.

Prepared for everything
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For your safety:

Well-trained employees

Poor communication, disputes over respective areas of authority within the crew, and the inability to make decisions cause inefficiencies and are potential sources of error. As the Lufthansa Group’s training center, we know exactly what matters in actual flight operations. Our seminars hone your employees’ judgment and improve team communication, error management, decision-making, and teamwork.

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Interaction, a mix of methods, and maximum benefit

In our training courses, we prepare the participants for every possible emergency and teach them suitable strategies of action. Your crews learn to better evaluate and assess their own behavior patterns as well as those of others. All of our training courses are interactive, draw on a variety of teaching methods, and fulfill the requirements of the EASA Air Ops CC and FC 115. We offer the following training modules:

  • Initial operators CRM training
  • Operators conversion course when changing aircraft type
  • Operator conversion course when changing operator
  • Annual recurrent training
  • Command course
  • Senior cabin crew member course
  • Cabin crew instructor course
  • Leadership courses
  • TRI Part 1 teaching and learning
  • Train the trainer
  • CRM instructor training
  • CRM instructor refresher training


The last two training modules (CRM instructor training and CRM instructor refresher training) are also available as open courses.

Dates and application
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Our training concept:

Content based on real-world situations

We continuously adapt our Human Factors Training to the changing needs of the aviation industry – an approach that ensures our training courses offer the maximum amount of real-world focus. Our instructors come directly from everyday flight operations or are select educators and psychologists. You too can use their expertise for your success.

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Our locations:

Where we carry out our training courses

We offer the different Human Factors Training modules at our training locations in Berlin, Essen, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, and Zürich. All of our training facilities are in central locations and easily accessible.

The locations at a glance
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We’re here for you

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