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Our Services for Business Customers

It’s All About the People

In recent years, the aviation industry – whose cockpit and cabin staff must meet particular demands – has continuously enhanced and refined Human Factors and Service Training. With our services for businesses, you can use this one-of-a-kind expertise from airline operations for your company’s success. We systematically train your employees in the fields of communication, team behavior, decision-making skills, leadership, organizational and safety culture, workload management, and fatigue risk management. Thanks to our training, you can optimize the  critical factors that shape human behavior and minimize inefficiencies, sources of error, and the subsequent costs that are generated as a result.

How you benefit
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Our courses

Benefit from the high standards of quality that apply to airline training and tap your employees’ full potential in a long-lasting, goal-oriented manner and with resounding success.

Decision-Making Skills

During this two-day seminar, your employees optimize their stress and decision management. Tried and tested methods from cockpit training help give them the ability to recall and apply what they learn in the seminar while at work.

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Leadership Skills

During this one-day seminar, your employees learn suitable strategies to enhance their personal leadership skills. They gain increased clarity and become more confident when dealing with change and managing difficult team members.

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Human Factors Training for Healthcare Companies

In our training course specifically for clinics and care facilities, we give medical specialists the tools they need to sustainably improve patient safety and teamwork. 

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Train the Trainer

In this 14-day course, we train aspiring and experienced instructors how to plan, carry out, and evaluate training sessions for adults; we practice using a wide variety of presentation techniques; and introduce participants to the latest findings from learning psychology.

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Service Orientation

We increase your employees’ ability to think and act in a customer-centric manner and sustainably enhance their communication skills, empathy, and outgoing attitude. Using examples from day-to-day life at your company, we ensure that the skills learned in the seminar remain firmly embedded in participants’ minds.

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First Aid and Medical Training

These courses give your employees the skills they need to react quickly, decisively, and in a life-saving manner in the event of a medical emergency. Course content can be tailored specifically to your workplace and your everyday needs.

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Business Etiquette

Your employees become more self-assured in the application of contemporary etiquette and present themselves in a more effortless and self-confident manner. We offer this course as a customized package of modules tailored specifically to your company’s needs.

Posture and Appearance

Your employees learn how to utilize their outward appearance deliberately and in a manner befitting your company when working with customers. We give them numerous tips regarding the proper attire and right body language.

Emergency Management

Your employees will be systematically prepared for emergency situations during everyday life at your company and learn how to professionally overcome crises while limiting the damage they cause.

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The benefit for companies

Professional and motivated employees.

Our training services for companies enhance your employees’ major key competencies and position your company as an attractive employer. You benefit in many different ways.

Achieving goals together.

Your employees learn how to work together as a strong team and utilize their personal strengths and skills to achieve a mutual goal – in any situation, in every area of work, and in interactions with other cultures.

Act decisively.

Our courses train your employees’ situational awareness and give them the skills they need to react to current situations quickly and decisively.

A focus on the customer.

Your employees learn to understand your customers’ desires, react to them appropriately, and meet all of the customer’s needs to their utmost satisfaction.

Continuously getting better.

Your employees enhance their awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses, discover their potential, and gain important insights that help them continuously work on their own development and accept new challenges.

Make decisions with confidence.

In complex situations, your employees stay in control and can utilize helpful decision-making models and make decisions with confidence, even when pressed for time and in stressful situations.

Lead with poise.

Managers are given suitable tools to motivate their team, encourage employees to take initiative, and integrate difficult members into the team.

Learn from mistakes.

During our training courses, your employees will learn how to deal with mistakes candidly and how constructive, respectful criticism can enhance motivation and performance.

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Utilizing knowledge from airline operations

With our training services for businesses, we perfectly prepare your company for current and upcoming challenges. In this context, we utilize proven methods from cockpit and cabin training and teach participants how to recall and apply the skills they learn to their day-to-day work. Effective and groundbreaking.

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The allure of aviation:

Our world is open to you

Have you always dreamed of sitting in the cockpit of an Airbus or Embraer? Are you planning an special event and looking for an exclusive location? Whether a spectacular simulator flight, fascinating event modules, or unusual locations – we welcome you!

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