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Aviation Quality Services

Highly qualified auditors and targeted support

Highly Qualified Auditors and Targeted Support Aviation Quality Services is the world’s first IATA-accredited auditing organization and is authorized to conduct the IOSA registration audit.

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European Flight Academy

The flight schools of the Lufthansa Group.

All of the Lufthansa Group’s flight schools have been consolidated under one brand, the European Flight Academy, since 2017. It maintains a fleet of more than 50 modern training aircraft in Germany, Switzerland, and the United States.

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TCF Käufer

Our partner for Cabin Training.

The family-owned company TFC Käufer has developed the first official A380 Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer for Airbus, and is one of the market leaders for cabin crew training.

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Flight Training Alliance

Joint expertise for safety procedures.

CAE and Lufthansa Aviation Training are exclusive authorized training providers of the worldwide CSeries training within the framework of their joint venture, the Flight Training Alliance.

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Exclusive events in the world of aerospace.

As Europe’s leading agency for events in the world of aviation, PRO TOURA offers exclusive access to Lufthansa Aviation Training’s training centers.

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Interpersonal Competence

Cockpit meets medicine.

Interpersonal Competence has developed an innovative training concept for physicians and nursing staff on the basis of Human Factors Training that significantly improves patient safety and teamwork.

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Business training. Based on airline experience.

A2B’s business seminars use proven methods from cockpit and cabin training to prepare employees and executives from all industries for current and future challenges.

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NINECUBES Interpersonal Skills LAB

Hands-on human factors training.

The “LAB” is used in Human Factors Training seminars as a process accelerator to train CRM behavior under realistic conditions in a measurable way. The digital and hands-on method is based on the expertise of high reliability organizations.

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