Interpersonal Competence Trainings


Lufthansa Aviation Training at "Surgical Island"


Developing new and innovative business areas has become more important than ever for aviation in times of crisis. Lufthansa Aviation Training is venturing into unknown worlds with Interpersonal Competence Training.

From October 19 to 23, orthopedic surgeons, trauma surgeons and industry representatives exchanged their specialist knowledge on a digital 3-D platform called “Surgical Island”. Also present as moderator: Martin Egerth, Senior Human Factors Expert at Lufthansa Aviation Training and Process Manager for the area “Beyond Aviation” at the Lufthansa Group.

Adult Gaming and Learning

Based on the gaming industry, the innovative medical congress “Treatment Week 2020” combined lectures, panel discussions and live preparation operations with a virtual 3D world. During the five-day event, participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues and well-known personalities.

Medicine benefits from aviation know-how

Martin Egerth discussed the human factor in evening panel discussions on the subject of “interpersonal competences” in live streams with illustrious guests from aerospace, aviation, sports, medicine and Michelin cuisine. From his point of view, clear and empathetic communication is the “alpha and omega” of successful cooperation. Egerth specifies: “Wherever people work, mistakes also happen. With our experience and our training, we can help people, teams and organizations to improve their interpersonal competences and long-term security.”

Dream Team

But how did the exciting collaboration between medicine and aviation come about? Martin Egerth explains: “The company Rimasys - organizer of the congress - is a young start-up in the medical field. The company offers, among other things, training and further education for surgeons. Rimasys understood early on that a good surgeon doesn't just have to be good technically and procedurally. “Interpersonal competences are just as important for successful teamwork and authentic communication with patients,” says Egerth. Lufthansa Aviation Training, known for its high quality Human Factors Training, was therefore the ideal sparring partner.


Cross-industry content

The feedback on the panel discussions was overwhelmingly positive: “Whether the camaraderie with the Euro Fighter squadron or the conversation with Dr. Paolo Ferri on missions in space; everywhere the audience could draw parallels to their own industry.” Martin Egerth adds: ”For me personally, the professional athlete David Behre was an absolute highlight. In an accident through no fault of his own, David lost both lower legs at the age of 20. While still in hospital, he made the decision to become a professional athlete and won the gold medal at the Paralympics in the 400 meter sprint in September 2016.”

At the end of the panel discussion, the doctors finally got an insight into the world of aviation: The discussion with Lufthansa Captain Cordula Pflaum and First Officer Leila Belaasri provided exciting food for thought on the subject of gender perception.