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Emergency Training Devices

Overcoming Challanging Situations

We have numerous state-of-the-art emergency training devices available at our training centers. Furthermore, we offer additional training courses in Berlin, Essen, and Cologne that are focused on current insights from flight operations and can simultaneously be tailored to your specific processes.

Our emergency training devices
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Practice safety

Practical training in our Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEET) prepares your cabin crews for all emergency situations and teaches them how to behave in specific situations to maintain and restore safety on board.

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Aircraft type


Airbus A310AirbusFRA
Airbus A319/A320AirbusZRH
Airbus A330AirbusESS, BER
Airbus A330/A340AirbusZRH
Airbus A340-600 Overwing ExitAirbusFRA, MUC
Boeing 737BoeingBER, ESS
Boeing 737/767BoeingZRH
Boeing 747-200BoeingFRA
Boeing 747-400 MD Door Trainer (Virtual Slide)BoeingFRA
Boeing 747-400 UD Door TrainerBoeingFRA
Boeing 777BoeingBER
Boeing 777BoeingFRA
Boeing MD-11BoeingFRA
Boeing Overwing ExitBoeingFRA
Embraer 190 Overwing ExitEmbraerZRH
Gulfstream G5 Overwing ExitGulfstream AerospaceZRH

Door trainer:

The fast way out

Using our door trainers, your cabin crews will gain the professional expertise to quickly and decisively carry out all the movements required in the event of an emergency on the respective aircraft types.

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Other training devices:

Prepared for every eventuality

In addition to our emergency simulators and door trainers, we offer countless other devices to train for emergency situations.

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