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Airbus A380-800 (Virtual Slide)

Maintaining maximum safety in flight operations requires a well-coordinated team. Precise communication, consistent behavior and perfect command of emergency procedures are crucial prerequisites for enabling your crews to master even extreme situations safely. Our Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEET) offer you perfect training conditions for specifically training appropriate responses in emergency situations without risk. 

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Location Lufthansa Aviation Training, Frankfurt

Simulator Manufacturer

TFC, Deutschland 

In Service Date


Visual System 

Visual system for slide demonstration.
TFT monitors in front of every passenger window.
Visual scenes are animated (e.g. water, fire, obstacle, all flight sequences) and static (e.g. gate position, stairs)
Visual scenes selectable in day, dusk, night. 

Sound System  

stereo pa amplifier make a very realistic simulation possible
(e.g. engine start & idle, take-off, climb, cruise, descent, landing, flap movement, crashing, ditching, nose gear collapse, body gear collapse, compressor stall, rejected take-off) 

Evacuation Training/ Slide Training 

Slide at door M3L with original door sill height 

Door Training 

M1 left, M1 right and U1 right (operational including outside door opening), M3 left operational with original off wing slide. 

Cabin Fire Procedure Training 

4 lavatory waste box fire
4 lavatory towel box fire
4 water heat electrical fire
4 galley oven fire (1 internal oven fire, one oven rear fire) 10 training extinguishers compressed air effect
2 air-conditioning smoke
2 main deck to upper deck fire scenario 

Communication Training 

11 interphone stations including 1 cockpit station
3 A380 FAP, 1 Mini FAP, 1 AAP 

Instructor Station


1 touch screen and 1 video monitor for control
2 mobile instructor operating stations 


recording system 

Emergency Training Devices
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