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Embraer 170 Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer

Maintaining maximum safety in flight operations requires a well-coordinated team. Precise communication, consistent behavior and perfect command of emergency procedures are crucial prerequisites for enabling your crews to master even extreme situations safely. Our Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEET) offer you perfect training conditions for specifically training appropriate responses in emergency situations without risk. 

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Location Lufthansa Aviation Training, Zurich

ManufacturerEmbraer Brazil
Door manufacturerLatequere France 
In service since2004
Purpose• Operation of doors and exits in the normal and emergency modes.
• Passenger handling and crowd control training
• Evacuation procedure training
• Emergency procedure training
• Decompression procedures training
• Crew resource management training
Simulated aircraftEmbraer 170/175 (190 overwing on separate device)
Cabin layout• 28 economy seats
• Forward & aft galley
• Forward & aft lavatory
• 3 cabin crew member stations
Doors• 2 main doors
• 2 service doors
• 1 door with power assist and adjustable forces (8, 28, 48, 68 kg)
Slides• 2 permanently inflated single lane slides
• 1 slide in disengage-position
Features• Fasten seat belts & no smoking  signs
• Pilot call & emergency call
• Public address (PA) and cabin interphone system
• 4 Passenger service units (oxygen mask units, reading lights and passenger call)
• Emergency & exit lights
• Air conditioned
• Lavatory handles heatable
• Lavatory call
Malfunctions• Door blocked (door 1L)
• Decompression
• Engine fire
• Lavatory fire (forward & aft)
• Door jammed with different values
• Power assist fail
Motion systemfixed base, original aircraft height
Visual system• Static, view cabin windows, sky only,
• Time of day (day & dusk)
• Outside fire
SmokeOil based, two zones (forward & aft cabin area)
Instructor station1 touch screen
Emergency Training Devices
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