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Integrated Procedure Trainer

Airbus A320/A330/A340

Our Flat Panel Trainers are completing the range of modern Cockpit Training Devices for your training. It will make your training more cost-effective and offers your pilots the ability to train normal and abnormal procedures in a free play simulation. The results show also an improvement in training efficiency.

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Location Lufthansa Aviation Training, Zurich

Simulator ManufacturerCAE
In Service since2007
Computer3 Dell PC COTS
Simulated enginesCFM/RR/PW/IAE
Avionics software

A320 Airbus Standard 1.6
A330/A340 Airbus Standard 2.2

HardwareMCDU's, FCU, EFIS
MalfunctionsMore than 200 malfunctions available
Range of applicationProcedures, systems, flightpreparation
Additional information9 monitors 20 inches 1600 x 1200 resolution with touchscreens
Flight Training Devices
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