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Flat Panel Trainer

Airbus A330 (PT06)

Our Flat Panel Trainers are completing the range of modern Cockpit Training Devices for your training. It will make your training more cost-effective and offers your pilots the ability to train normal and abnormal procedures in a free play simulation. The results show also an improvement in training efficiency.

Product sheet
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Location Lufthansa Aviation Training, Frankfurt (Simulator-ID: PT06)

Simulator Manufacturer

L3 CTS Ltd.

In Service DateNov 2018
Aircraft Model

Airbus Standard 2.6

Simulator Host Computer


Aircraft System
Engine Version
Primary FitPR TRENT 772B-60
Secondary FitN/A
Auto Flight System
FMGECThales FMS Release 1A - Re-hosted software
FCUSimulated Hardware
MCDUSimulated Hardware
Electronic Flight Control System Airbus EFCS SW Package
Electronic Instrument System EFIS/ECAM
DMCRe-hosted Software
FWCAirbus FWC SW Package
ACARSnot simulated
EGPWSHoneywell EGPWSim - Software Simulation Package
Standby Instrument System ISIS is simulated. Standby Compass is not simulated
Weather Radar Control Panel Multiscan Weather Radar Panel
APUAPU simulated by Simulator Manufacture
ADIRSADIRS simulated by Simulator Manufacture
MMRMMR simulated by Simulator
Instructor Station
Display24“ colour touch sensitive LCD
Number of Malfunctions 224
Automated Training Lessons Available on request
Landing Training Limited for Autoland / Roll out guidance
Multiple Weather Simulationavailable
Windshear and Microburst Scenarios Yes
Predictive Windshear Scenarios Yes
Non-Predictive Windshear Scenarios Yes
FMS Flight Plan Copy / Load Yes
Display Options Metric/imperial
German LBA not qualified
EASA-ID not qualified
Flight Training Devices
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