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We promise you training of the highest quality to meet the high demands of the job of a pilot in the future. We require more from our student pilots and graduates beyond the actual flying skills, which form the basis. Our new generation of pilots is characterized by a high degree of cosmopolitanism, tolerance, and curiosity about other cultures. We are also looking forward to welcoming applicants with colorful resumes and different cultural backgrounds because we, too, want diversity in our cockpits. 

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It is not always immediately apparent how high the demands are that are placed on the pilots’ capacity for empathy and on their communication skills. Pilots are responsible for people and machines and guide them safely to a wide variety of destinations – with ever-changing crews and passengers. This is where real "social skills" are required to create a good atmosphere on board in a team-oriented and motivating manner and to ensure safety at all times. 
And it is also important to think about our environment, especially as a pilot. As a pilot there are many opportunities to fly in a way that conserves resources and that thereby makes a valuable contribution to sustainability in flying. 
We have summarized all these aspects in our mission statement for the student pilots at EFA.
If you see yourself reflected in this, then you have come to the right place.

Our mission statement


At the European Flight Academy, the Lufthansa Group’s flight school, we train the “new generation” of pilots.

Professional Excellence

Our goal is a cockpit crew made up of highly trained specialists. What forms the basis for the technical excellence of our junior pilots are our decades of experience, close ties to the flight operations of our airlines, state-of-the-art methods and aircraft, and a training concept that sets the highest standards. Safety on board is and continues to be the most important goal for our employees in the cockpits.

Open-Mindedness and Tolerance

Our junior pilots show an open-mindedness towards a wide variety of cultures, biographies, and ways of life – or they have a “colorful resume” themselves. Our student pilots place a high premium on respectful, team-oriented cooperation and on tolerance. That is what their evolution into inspiring and empathic leaders in the cockpit is built on. 

Social Competence

No one wanting to successfully complete our pilot training fights alone. Above the clouds, we train social managers who are enthusiastic about working in a team and taking responsibility for their own decisions – for colleagues, passengers, and the environment.

Ecological conscientiousness

Our student pilots act responsibly in their everyday lives, are ambitious, and understand how to conserve resources. They want to make air traffic more sustainable because in the cockpit one's own actions have consequences, thus also impacting the environment and safety of all in a major way.

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