On a long meeting table are aircraft models of Lufthansa Group Airlines.

Ideal prospects




  • You will receive a binding offer for a full-time position or for a minimum workload of 110 part-time days per year (which corresponds to a workload of approx. 70%) from a Lufthansa Group airline within 24 months after having successfully completed the training by obtaining a license.
  • If you do not receive an offer from Lufthansa Group, we will reimburse 50% of the training costs to your account.
In the foreground is a model airplane of Austrian, in the background students are sitting in a classroom.

Further details*:

  • It is a prerequisite for the reimbursement of the training costs that you put serious effort into finding employment. Furthermore, you must not delay the application process.
  • Your right to reimbursement of 50% of the training costs will expire on the day on which you do not accept the offer of the respective airline within the deadline set for accepting such offer.
  • If you reject an offer, your right to reimbursement of the training costs ceases to exist, but you can continue to be supported by us until the end of the campus period (up to 36 months after having obtained the license).


*A binding claim arises exclusively from the provisions of the respective training contract.

Ready for your application at EFA?

Take the first step now towards a career as a pilot

You can find the detailed application process at EFA on our selection process page. On our application page you can check whether you meet all the requirements for an application to the EFA.

The first step if you want to apply at EFA is to successfully pass a DLR test with a corresponding rating. You can currently take the DLR certificate in Hamburg or Zurich. 

You can find more information about the DLR test procedure and the possibility to book an appointment for the DLR certificate directly on our DLR test registration page. We wish you good luck!

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