Black and white image showing two historical flight training devices, each with a pilot. In the foreground a trainer with a headset.

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With more than 60 years of experience ideally prepared for the future

Since the 60s, Lufthansa and SWISS have been training commercial pilots at the highest standard at the predecessor flight schools of the European Flight Academy. These many years of experience and EFA’s tight integration with the Lufthansa Group’s aviation operations make optimized training with practical relevance possible.

On this basis we continuously develop our training and the flight academy concept in order to be ideally prepared for the challenges of the future.

The European Flight Academy has been the flight school of the Lufthansa Group since 2017. Today, the academy trains prospective pilots for airlines within Lufthansa Group or outside it on a fleet of modern training aircraft stationed in Germany and Switzerland. 

 A black and white picture showing a person in a historical flight training device, in front of which a person is sitting at a table with a headset and radio.

Not only since the COVID pandemic has the aviation industry been subject to high volatility and resulting fluctuations in demand for cockpit and cabin crews. Having been forced to suspend most of the training operations due to the economically dire situation, we fundamentally revised our flight academy concept, with one of the goals being that we would be able to offer our student pilots a maximum of training stability in the future.

A student pilot sits in a simulator for a training aircraft

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