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Fear-of-Flying Intensiv Seminar


In cooperation with scientists from the Ruhr University Bochum

Fear-of-Flying intensiv Seminar

In systematic studies, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Margraf and Dr. André Wannemüller at Ruhr University Bochum were able to prove that situational fears such as fear of flying can be treated quickly and effectively in a group setting. The study results made it clear that the group feeling in particular has a positive effect on overcoming fears in the long term. Based on these findings, we have developed an innovative seminar program for overcoming fear of flying in large groups.

  • High support ratio

  • Specially trained staff

  • Joint closing flight

  • Effective and sustainable success

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Target Group and Objective

The course is aimed at people who want to overcome their fear-of-flying and avoidance behaviour before flying.
In our fear-of-flying intensive seminar, you will learn how to successfully confront your fears and gain valuable experience during the preparation and the flight, which will help to change your stressful expectations in the long term. Our aim is to enable you to have a carefree and anxiety-free flying experience.
Joint coping with like-minded people creates a unique atmosphere of support and togetherness.
The seminar will be held in German.

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The fear-of-flying seminar is designed as one-day seminar with 100-125 participants. It consists of an approximately 2.5 hour preparation part in the morning and a 1.5 hour training flight in the afternoon, each on a Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Due to different aircraft availabilities, the start and end times may vary on individual dates.  
In order to ensure that participants can easily reach the seminar location and guarantee short distances to the airport, the preparation part will take place at all locations in congress hotels or seminar centres close to the airport (e.g. at the Maritim Airport Hotel in Düsseldorf).

Theory I - Types and origins of fear

The preparation part is designed in the style of an interactive seminar, in which the participants are first provided with important information about different types of flight fear as well as its development and continuity. Based on this, it is then discussed...

  • ...why those affected often report that they do not experience the hoped-for reduction in anxiety despite repeated flying experiences,
  • ...what to look out for so that this does not happen again and again
  • ...and why the training flight in the specially chartered aircraft is particularly suitable for participants to gain new and lasting anxiety-relieving experiences in relation to flying.

In exercises, participants are invited to engage intensively with the topics of "searching for safety and tolerating risks" as well as "fear-inducing expectations" and learn how they can best deal with them. 

Theory II - Flight safety and technology

The second part of the preparation is dedicated to the topic of flight safety and technology. Here, participants learn from an experienced Lufthansa pilot or senior cabin crew member ...

  • ...how safety aspects are dealt with in aviation,
  • ...why technical difficulties are so rare
  • ... how to react to problems and malfunctions - should they occur in rare cases - for example in the event of a lightning strike or engine failure. In addition, general and individual questions about fear of flying are answered.


The core of the seminar consists of a 90-minute training flight with an Airbus A320 family aircraft chartered exclusively for the seminar.  In order to create a relaxed atmosphere on board right from the start, this is accompanied by specially trained psychologists and psychotherapists as part of a close-knit support concept. The experts are available for the participants from the moment they walk to the airport building together, pass through security and boarding process, as well as during the flight itself, and can respond expertly to symptoms of anxiety and avoidance at any time. They work with the participants in groups of five (one expert sits in each row of seats) and continuously help them individually during the flight to gain experience in the flight situation and in dealing with anxiety, which is important for a lasting reduction in anxiety. Participants also benefit from the exchange and shared experience with like-minded people.


For participants who decide not to take part in the flight, a psychotherapist specialized in ambivalence and motivation work is available to reflect on the ground their decision and show them ways and means of overcoming fear and anxiety in the future. 

Conclusion of the seminar

After the flight or after participating in the ground programme, a joint debriefing takes place in the same seminar room that was previously used to prepare for the training flight. Here, the participants have the opportunity to share their experiences of the flight and receive important behavioural tips for avoiding relapses.

The charter flight is 100% SAF (sustainable aviation fuel) compensated.

Services at a glance

You will receive:

  • professional and scientifically profound psychological and psychotherapeutic preparation for the training flight
  • comprehensive information on flight technology and safety-related aspects of flying from experienced pilots or senior cabin crew members of Lufthansa Group
  • close support from psychologists and psychotherapists in small groups (5 participants) during security check, check-in and a 90-minute flight over Germany
  • psychotherapeutic treatment in the event of non-participation in the flight
  • debriefing and tips on preventing relapses
  • catering during the flight (water/soft drinks and sandwiches)

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  • Expected in fall 2024

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Scientific experience and findings have shown that the sense of community and the perception of being understood by the other participants helps to overcome anxiety. With like-minded people on board, a trusting atmosphere of mutual support is created, which is additionally supported by the accompanying experts. After the shared flight experience, an almost euphoric mood is often described in the group. The chartered flight also offers participants the unique opportunity to try out fearful situations in a protected environment. The crew is also trained for this special situation on board and moderates and explains procedures during the flight in detail.

In order to ensure close support, participants are divided into small groups of a maximum of 5 people and assigned to a therapeutically trained caregiver. Together, the group occupies a row of seats on the plane so that the caregiver can help the participants individually during the flight to gain new experiences in relation to the anxiety-inducing situation.

Due to the direct support on board, the therapeutically trained caregivers can respond to your individual situation. Should a panic attack occur, the experts on board are prepared to support you accordingly. An integral part of the seminar is also the teaching of strategies on how you can deal with fears and panic in a self-regulating way in the future. Other people with a fear of flying react with a great deal of understanding and offer a protected and supportive environment in which to gain lasting anxiety-relieving experiences. 

For us as Lufthansa Group, it is a very special concern to discover the joy of flying together with you. To achieve this, we draw upon the expertise of our crews and provide fear-relieving experiences on a joint flight.
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