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The participants of our Fear-of-Flying Weekend Seminar learn what happens to the aircraft during the different stages of a flight. They learn, for example, why turbulence is not a problem for the aircraft and what the different noises mean, from takeoff to landing. Additionally, the learn methods from behavioral therapy that have proven effective in dealing with fears. With the help of the basic knowledge of how and why anxiety and thus stress arise, you will learn that emotional stress can be controlled and even changed. At the end of the seminar, the group will fly together to a European destination.

Find out all the details here about the objective, target group, procedure and content of our weekend seminars on fear of flying. 

Target Group

The course is designed for people who would like to overcome their fear of flying in the long term. 

Participants learn the theoretical basics of emotion regulation and apply these directly in the form of relevant and easy-to-use exercises for flying practice.  

The seminar is held in German. Seminars can also be held in English on request. 

The minimum age is 18 years.


Those affected learn in our fear of flying weekend-seminar how to successfully counter their fears. The aim is to train participants so that they can fly without worry or fear. On the one hand, you will learn to recognize, understand and control anxiety and stress reactions on all three levels - physical, mental and behavioural. We will also show you how to better classify different sounds, smells and special movements of an aircraft. In addition to theoretical knowledge, you will also learn tools and exercises that can be used at any time - before, during and after the flight.


  • Saturday: 8:30 AM - approximately 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 9:00 AM - approximately 6:00 PM, depending on flight times

The Fear-of-Flying Weekend Seminar is designed as a small-group seminar for six to 12 participants. Currently, the seminar takes place in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and the Opfikon district of Zurich, each in close proximity to the airport. Here you will find more detailed information about our locations.

First, participants are provided with knowledge about technology and psychology, as well as tools to combat fear of flying. Subsequently, the seminar group visits an aircraft or a mock-up aircraft to gain a closer understanding of the theory and practice of everyday flying. Through detailed insights into the cockpit and the cabin, participants get to know the daily work of the flight crew and can thereby increase their confidence in the aviation operation. At the end of the seminar, the group will fly together with Lufthansa or SWISS to a European destination within a scheduled flight (outbound and return flight).


In this 2-day classroom course, you will be shown possibilities and provided with tools that will allow you to experience flying as a relaxed event. 


  • Causes of fear, information about fear and its symptoms
  • Breathing and relaxation exercises
  • Exercises to change negative thoughts


  • Explanations from the pilot or a senior cabin crew member
  • Information about flying and flight safety
  • Ground inspection of an aircraft


  • Preparation through thought exercises, flight discussion, relaxation exercises
  • Flight together to a European destination accompanied by the course instructor and a flight attendant, with a brief stop at the terminal and return with the same passenger airplane

Services at a glance

You will receive:

  • Professional preparation of content and expertise of selected trainers based on the excellent standards of Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH.
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge transfer on flight technology and safety-relevant aspects of flying by experienced pilots or senior cabin crew members from the Lufthansa Group. 
  • Visiting the cockpit and cabin of an aircraft or a mock-up aircraft to get a closer understanding of the daily flight operations of the entire crew.
  • Scheduled flight (outbound and return) with Lufthansa or SWISS to a European destination.
  • Continuous accompaniment by a psychologist or psychotherapist during security checks, boarding, and both flights.

  • Debriefing and feedback session after completion of the flights.

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