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23. Mar 2023

“Take-off-Promise” reinforces best prospects for graduates of the European Flight Academy

  • High demand for junior pilots expected in the coming years
  • “Take-off-Promise”: Upon completion of training, a binding job offer is made from a Lufthansa Group airline; otherwise, half of the training costs are reimbursed
  • New services included: In the future, air travel/transfer to the USA and accommodation during the practical training in Goodyear, Arizona, will be included in the training costs in the future

Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Group and operator of the European Flight Academy flight school (EFA) now offers a special value proposition with its “Take-off-Promise.” Student pilots at EFA will receive an offer for a cockpit contract by a Lufthansa Group airline at the latest 24 months after completion of their training. Should an offer not be possible, 50% of the training costs will be reimbursed. This commitment is included in the contracts in a binding manner and with immediate effect and also applies to the courses that have already started their training after the new start of the flight school last year.

Matthias Spohr, CEO of Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH:
“We are so convinced of the good prospects that the pilot training at the European Flight Academy provides that we bring our “Take-off-Promise” to market. Not only does it provide our student pilots with fair and predictable prospects for an appealing job in the cockpit, but it simultaneously also provides investment security for the training costs. The impressive numbers of participants and the feedback we received at trade shows and our informational events show us that the job of a pilot has not lost any of its fascination and instead continues to be a dream career goal for many young people.”


Training schedule
The training at the European Flight Academy is approx. 24 months long, and while its theoretical part takes place in Bremen/DE or Zurich/CH, the practical training is set to take place at locations in Goodyear/USA, Grenchen/CH, and Rostock-Laage, respectively. In order to guarantee the highest standards in quality and safety, a modern and standardized training fleet consisting of aircraft by the manufacturer Diamond is used for the practical training in Europe. In the USA, a modern fleet of the Cirrus SR20 aircraft will be flown. 


Expansion of included services
From now on, the training costs will include a comprehensive package of services: 
The costs now cover air travel and transfer to the USA as well as the accommodation during the practical training in Goodyear, Arizona. 
The training costs for the training in Germany are adjusted from EUR 105,000 to EUR 110,000, and for Switzerland they are adjusted from CHF 135,000 to CHF 140,000. The training is set up as a self-pay model, as is internationally customary. The costs will be invoiced step by step in line with the training progress. 

In addition to purely private financing, third-party financing partners will also be available for the training at the European Flight Academy – so that the dream job does not have to remain a dream.
Among other things, these partners offer an innovative model of what is called an income-share agreement via an education fund. This means that former student pilots pay back a fixed percentage of their income once they have taken up employment. The specific, individual repayment amount is contingent upon the income level – the higher the salary, the higher the repayment amount will be, and vice versa (principle of solidarity).  


Additionally, third-party partners will also offer traditional financing for the pilot training at attractive terms. 

Further details on the new “Take-off-Promise” and on the financing options offered by third-party financing partners can be found on the website of the European Flight Academy: www.european-flight-academy.com


About Lufthansa Aviation Training

With its competencies in training and further educating cockpit and cabin crews at ten training locations worldwide, Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH (LAT) is among the world leaders in the field of flight training. The company is headquartered at Munich Airport and employs around 800 people at all its locations. Its client portfolio includes more than 250 nationally and internationally renowned airlines, among them the Lufthansa Group airlines. Lufthansa Aviation Training is equipped with close to 200 training devices. Among them are training aircraft for the pilot training, flight simulators for all common types of aircraft for the pilot training, as well as emergency and service mock-ups for the basic and further training of cabin crews.
Lufthansa Aviation Training combines the flight schools of Lufthansa Group under the brand European Flight Academy (EFA). 



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Dirk Sturny, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications, Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH

Dirk Sturny

Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications

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