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From Business Etiquette to First Aid Training


Not only the cockpits and cabin crews of major airlines around the world can benefit from our high training standards – you, as a private or business customer, can also develop personally and professionally using our expertise.

Strengthening customer-oriented behaviors, developing decision-making and leadership skills, or successfully dealing with emergencies and crises – our many years of aviation experience are an advantage. Use our diverse range of seminars and the knowledge of experienced trainers to develop your personal strengths in your professional as well as private life. 

The premium airlines of the Lufthansa Group are known for their outstanding service and their engaging flight attendants. To ensure that this customer service standard is maintained, we provide specialized training to the cabin crews of our airlines on an ongoing basis.

We pass on the expertise and experience gained from these service training courses to you. Our experienced trainers will raise your employees’ awareness of the need to think and act in a service-oriented manner – with understandable and practical examples from your everyday world. In this way, we strengthen the communication skills of your service providers and teach your employees how to act with the customer in mind.

As part of the course, the participants learn above all how to recognize customer needs and how to maintain customer relationships characterized by appreciation. If needed, the training can be supplemented with more advanced modules, for example with a focus on targeted training with communication instruments and the behaviors of customers and your team in challenging situations. The course modules can be grouped together or be held individually, but the modules build upon each other in terms of their content.

All of our trainers are qualified in adult education and have completed various advanced training courses in the field of human factors. They have many years of experience in vocational and advanced training for airline personnel as well as other renowned companies from the service sector.

Whether your colleague is suffering from faintness or your teacher is having a heart attack – medical emergencies can occur everywhere and without warning, requiring quick and competent action.

Our First Aid and Medical Training course provides your employees, teachers, students, company or organization with practical training in the proper techniques and procedures of first aid and reanimation. The focus of the training is on recognizing emergency situations as well as deriving first aid measures. In addition, the correct execution of resuscitation and the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) are part of the training course.

Additional topics can be booked as modules on request.

The experienced instructors of our first aid training have medical training as qualified nurses HF, paramedics HF, experts in anaesthesia, intensive care or emergency care. Doctors are also part of our team of instructors. All instructors are also certified course leaders with methodological and didactic training and have been active in adult education for many years.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Which outfit is right for the reception, how do I behave in other cultures, and what impression am I making on my business partner? These questions, along with many others, will be answered as part of our Business Etiquette Seminar.

Through the course, you will feel more confident in making the right moves and will learn the most important aspects of modern etiquette in the business world. You’ll learn how to leave a professional impression with others, learn all about the dos and don’ts in your everyday work, and thus impress others with your confident appearance.

The Business Etiquette course can be combined with or supplemented by the Demeanor and Appearance in Professional Attire course or other courses for business and private customers.

Employees of companies that offer services significantly influence the public image of their company through their appearance and behavior. They are the face of the company and can therefore positively influence the customer experience.

In our Attitude and Appearance seminar, your employees will receive plenty of tips on the right wardrobe and appropriate body language. This will give them the confidence to utilize their outward appearance deliberately and in a manner befitting your company. Men learn – for example – how to fit and care themselves line with the modern style. In a fully equipped beauty studio, women are give comprehensive advice on business-appropriate makeup.

Our trainers are qualified in adult education and have many years of experience in training the in-flight personnel of airlines as well as other renowned companies. Additionally, the instructors of this course have also completed training or certification in the field of cosmetics.

Aircraft accidents, crisis situations, or operational disruptions with serious consequences are enormous challenges that aviation companies have to face. The ability to react to these events in a professional manner is important to an airline’s continued existence, which is why profoundpreparation is essential. In our Emergency and Crisis Management training courses, we prepare your employees so that they can demonstrate resilient and reliable emergency skills in such situations.

Along the way, the seminar not only teaches about the necessary technical knowledge – it also trains the participants in the situation-specific execution of the required processes in particular. Our trainers overcame/have been troughin real crises, so that we can ensure that your employees receive practical training.


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