Findings from the expert commission

Opportunities, limitations, and prospects of deploying new training devices in future pilot training

LAT whitepaper

"How Level 2 FTDs Change the Future of Pilot Training"

In the fall of 2021, LAT hosted a forum of first-rate experts to offer an opportunity for the exchange of experiences with deploying new training devices – specifically level 2 FTDs – and to take a look ahead into the future of pilot training. The new EASA regulations offer a host of opportunities – and pose just as many questions: Are the training results “equivalent” to those on full-flight simulators? What are the cost savings that resulted from this training (on a level 2 FTD) during the first months for Austrian Airlines? Where does it make sense to deploy new training devices, and where less so? What does pilot training look like in 2030? LAT has compiled the findings of the ninety-minute discussion among the aerospace experts in a whitepaper. If you are interested in deploying new training devices in the context of your training concept, we will be happy to advise you individually and to point out potential to be unlocked.


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