New A320 FTD2 in Zurich


New Training Device in Zurich


The latest simulator from Lufthansa Aviation Training was certified and put into operation on August 12, 2020 in the Training Center in Zurich.The device was manufactured on behalf of LAT by L3Harris, a company specializing in aerospace technologies. The FTD2 is an innovative new development. The aim: to create more cost-effective methods for pilot training. In December 2018, LAT sealed the contract with cooperation partner L3Harris for the development of a prototype, which should pave the way for an increased integration of so-called "fixed based" simulators in pilot training. With this move, LAT is ahead of its time. The EASA guidelines for pilot training will change next spring. Then, in addition to full flight simulators, “Flight Training Device”, or “FTD” for short, can increasingly be used in training with corresponding credits. The biggest difference to the full flight simulator: The device does not move.


New EASA guidelines as an opportunity


In the future, the entire type rating will no longer necessarily have to be completed on a full flight simulator. The advantages of the FTD2 are obvious. The device offers a very high level of fidelity, a variety of options for training syllabus content in the type rating for pilots as well as in MCC training. The A320 uses many FFS software packages from L3Harris. Apart from the lack of motion, there is hardly any difference to a full flight simulator.


Features of the dual certified EASA FTD Level 2


  • Multi-Screen IOS and Tablet options
  • Level D Visual      
  • Original aircraft parts (sidesticks, pedals, throttle, seats)
  • FFS software package, inclusive original Airbus packages for sEFCS and FWC as well as Thales/GE rehosted FMGCs

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