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Fear-of-Flying Seminar in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich or Zurich


Seminars in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich or Zurich


Whether for business trips, holidays or visiting family and friends far away, flying is an important part of modern life. For most people, this is not a problem or even a pleasure, but for others it is a torture.
Around a third of all people feel uncomfortable on board, and around 15 per cent suffer from severe fear of flying. People with a severe fear of flying usually fear either that an accident will happen during a flight and they will not arrive safely at their destination, or that they will be trapped in a confined space for the duration of the flight and will not be able to cope. As a result, they only board the aircraft under great tension, feel at the mercy of the aircraft during the flight and often suffer from physical symptoms such as sweating, severe palpitations, shortness of breath or nausea. This often leads them to avoid flying altogether.
Instead of putting up with this condition permanently or only temporarily combating the fear of flying with medication, it is worth overcoming it in the long term. To this end, we offer our flight fear seminars based on the latest findings in anxiety treatment.

Our seminars


We offer two different types of seminars that consider different wishes and preferences and allow our participants to choose the setting in which they would like to overcome their fear of flying: Weekend seminars in small groups and intensive seminars with a large group of like-minded people.. Both seminars provide equal support in combating fear of flying and include a flight.

Intensive seminar

Our one-day intensive seminar can take place with up to 125 participants, as we have chartered an entire aircraft for our participants and a large team of supporting psychologists and psychotherapists. Seminar participants report that the large group of like-minded people has a very positive effect on the overall process. In the morning of the seminar, a psychotherapist and a pilot will provide information on the development of anxiety and aircraft technology and answer questions that people with fear of flying often ask. In the afternoon, there is the opportunity to take part in a training flight accompanied by specially trained psychologists and psychotherapists who are available at all times. During the flight, participants receive intensive support in small groups of 5 people. The special character of the charter flight makes it possible to have new and anxiety-relieving experiences during the flight and to share them with like-minded people.

Weekend seminar

Our 2-day seminar is conducted by psychologists, a cabin crew member, and a pilot in an intimate setting. Because our experience shows: People with a fear of flying often know too little about the technology of flying and flight safety or misinterpret technical signals or noises. In our fear-of-flying weekend seminar with a maximum of 12 participants, you will therefore be individually familiarized with the world of flying. A pilot will answer all your questions about the technology, while a psychologist will impart knowledge about anxiety and tools to combat it, such as relaxation techniques. On the second day, the theory learned is put into practice on a scheduled flight to a European destination.

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Sebastian Wilker

Head of Beyond Aviation Training