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Door Trainer

Airbus A319/A320

At our locations, we offer you door trainers with which your cabin crews can practice evacuation in realistic conditions.

Product sheet
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Location Lufthansa Aviation Training, Zurich

ManufacturerSwiss AviationTraining SAT
Simulated aircraft• A32x
• Embraer 190 (1 overwing exit)
PurposeOperation of doors and exits in the normal and emergency modes
Cabin layout4 economy class seats, 1 jump seat
Doors• 1 main door left with power assist and adjustable forces (1L)
• 1 emergency door (3R)
• 2 overwing exit
Features• Fasten seat belts (FSB) & No smoking (N/S) signs
• Emergency & exit lights
MalfunctionsPower assist fail (3R only)
Visual systemVideo projector to simulate outside conditions
Emergency Training Devices
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