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Medical Mock-up

In addition to our emergency simulators and door trainers, we offer you numerous other devices to train for emergency situations.

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Location Lufthansa Aviation Training, Zurich

ManufacturerSwiss AviationTraining SAT
Simulated aircraftGulfstream G550
Purpose• Practical medical training in realistic environment
 with equipment on original location in aircraft (A319)
• Basic Life Support (BLS) & Automated External
 Defibrillation (AED)
• Medical training for up to 18 persons
RoomsA319 mock-up with orig. dimensions:
• 18 economy seats
• Galley
• Hatrack
• Kitchen
• Toilet
Room with:
• 4 electronic resuscitation dolls with computer
 monitoring of breath and heart compression
• Video projector for theory films and real-time
 visualization of rescue breath and heart compression
 from the resuscitation dolls.
• 18 seats
• Sterilization bath
Second room for various practical medical trainings
Equipment• Defibrillators
• Electronic resuscitation dolls
• Resuscitation dolls adult
• Resuscitation doll junior
• Resuscitation dolls babies
• Oxygen masks
• Oxygen bottles 120l & 310l
• Medical oxygen unit
• Respiratory masks
• Anatomical doll
• Act Fast Anti-Choking Trainer for the Heimlich maneuver 
Aircraft specific equipment:
• Universal Precaution Kit UPK
• Resuscitation Kit / Ambu Bag
• Emergency Medical Kit (EMK)
• First aid kit for cabin crews



Emergency Training Devices
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