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Flat Panel Trainer

Airbus A320-200 (PT05)

Our Flat Panel Trainers are completing the range of modern Cockpit Training Devices for your training. It will make your training more cost-effective and offers your pilots the ability to train normal and abnormal procedures in a free play simulation. The results show also an improvement in training efficiency.

Product sheet
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Location Lufthansa Aviation Training, Frankfurt (Simulator-ID: PT05)

Simulator Manufacturer

CAE, Canada

In Service DateMay 2011
Aircraft Model

A320-214 / A320-232 Std 1.9

Simulator Host Computer

DELL T7810

Aircraft System
Engine Version
Primary FitGE CFM56-5B4, 27000 lbs T/O thrust, 5BS4F3
Secondary FitIAE V2527-A5, 27000 lbs T/O thrust, SCN21/AA
Auto Flight System
FMGSThales Release 1A (AP/FD TCAS option available)
FCUEM2 Std.3, Thales Avionics Sa (replicated hardware)
FACFAC C, ROPS function available (CAE software simulation)
MCDUThales Avionics (replicated hardware)
Electronic Flight Control System
ELACELAC B Data Loading STD L97 (CAE Software Simulation)
SECSEC C Data Loading STD 124 (CAE Software Simulation)
FCDCSTD 59 (CAE Software Simulation)
Electronic Instrument System
TCAS IIHoneywell TPA100B (CAE software simulation)
EGPWSMK V, Honeywell MK V (CAE software simulation)
Standby Instrument System Thales Avionics (IESI V2, simulated display)
Weather Radar Control Panel LCD Touch Screen
Predictive Wind Shear (PWS) yes
ADIRSBLOCK III BE04, OPS S/W Std L4.2 (CAE software simulation)
MMRGLU 925-430
Instructor Station
Display20“ touch sensitive LCD
Number of Malfunctions 151
Automated Training Lessons Available on request
Landing Training Limited for Autoland / Roll out guidance
Windshear and Microburst Scenarios Yes
Predictive Windshear Scenarios Yes
Non-Predictive Windshear Scenarios Yes
FMS Flight Plan Copy / Load Yes
Display Options Metric/imperial
German LBA t.b.d.
EASA-ID t.b.d.
Flight Training Devices
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